- New York receives more funding for housing young migrants than any state except Texas
This exclusive 'boot camp' for congressional staffers is trying to make America bipartisan again
Congress turns up the heat on China's political meddling amid Russia investigation
- Trump brings the power of the pardon to his battle with the Justice Department
- ‘Paul Manafort will tell the truth,’ Trump’s legal team said. Minutes later, they took it back

- Energy Transfer's Pipeline Spill Problem Is Causing It Another Headache
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- The Supreme Court will weigh whether a man can be executed for a crime he can’t remember
- Noel Francisco, next in line to oversee Russia probe, has expansive view of executive power
- The Supreme Court will hear a case that could decide whether Facebook, Twitter can censor users
- Kennedy’s retirement threatens to upend Supreme Court on social issues, but business will hardly notice
- In a blow to public sector unions, Supreme Court overturns 40-year-old precedent

International relations
- State Department trolls the Kremlin by naming a new Russia post after a missile Putin bragged about
Despite Trump's hopes, and critics' fears, US-Russia relations remain sour
- Ten years ago, he tutored Sarah Palin. Now he’s leading Trump’s push to denuclearize North Korea
There is ‘zero’ engagement between US and China as trade tensions escalate, official says

Et cetera
- A Brooklyn blogger uncovered evidence of Paul Manafort's alleged money laundering months ago
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