Middle Eastern Politics, Oil's Plunge Could Derail Potential $2 Trillion Saudi Aramco IPO

"With at least a half a dozen nations vying for the company to list on their exchanges, the plan appeared at first to be working. But now Mohammed Bin Salman, the 31-year-old Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, must walk the frayed tightrope of Middle East politics while seeking to woo competing global superpowers. At the same time, his country continues to fight a brutal, expensive war in Yemen as a global glut in oil reduces the value of his nation's economic crown jewel."

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Governor Cuomo Sets Aside More Than
$50,000 of State Money to Improve New York’s Hard Cider

"Cuomo has been on a bit of a boozy tear lately, just recently throwing his support behind drinking while brunching before noon, and this sounds like good news for the local industry.

'Cider makers are actively seeking apple varieties that produce more characterful ciders,” Cider Guide writer Eric West says, “so this funding could have a significant long-term impact on New York’s cider industry.'"

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Long road to gender neutral housing delayed by politics

"The gender neutral housing that students have fought to bring on campus for a decade will arrive this fall with an initial group of 38 students — but it may have come far earlier, College of William and Mary President Taylor Reveley said, were it not for an accident of politics involving a transgender Homecoming queen, a nude photography exhibit and an art show featuring the performances of sex workers."

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